Repair and service of tablets

We offer comprehensive service and tablet repair. Services include:

  • Repair of the housing buttons, replacement of the touch panels, replacement of the broken glass,
  • Repair the tablet mainboard, SIM card slot change,
  • Repair of BGA circuits,
  • Repair electronics matrix or LCD matrix,
  • Android update, system restore, software installation & update, internet connection setup,
  • Drainage after flooding,
  • Repair power problems, battery change.

Repair process

The customer supplies the device

The customer supplies the device, describes the problem. For this purpose you can order a courier cooperating with us. We also invite you to our service.


After performing the diagnostics of the equipment, we send the customer information about its condition and method of solving the problems together with the price and execution time.


After acceptance of the customer, we are going to repair. On serviced equipment we provide a guarantee.